About Washingguns.

Washingguns Services are the genies of the 21st century. We come to our office every day so that you can go to yours with ease. At Washingguns Services, we provide you the best, on-time services and solutions for day to day problems of laundry and cleaning. We have a team of professionals from the industry with decades of experience who believe that your time must be valued. Washingguns is the only commercial laundry of international standard, in Delhi. Our state-of-the-art Laundry uses specially softened water, high quality and eco-friendly soaps and detergents, the latest imported equipment; all computer controlled to ensure a perfect result every time.We also have the latest finishing equipment, Automatic Form Finishers for suits and jackets, Trousers Finishers and Utility Press to give a crisp crease to your attire. Washingguns as a responsible organisations not only takes good care of your clothes but also the environment.The detergents we use are globally recogonised eco friendly products. The water that is used for the washing process goes under a special process of softening in order ensure a perfect result every time.

We are equipped to provide laundry services for a wide range of businesses: Hotels, Corporate Guest Houses, varied Institutions and numerous Retail Customers. We also take selective orders like that of curtain cleaning, sofa cleaning, carpet cleaning, car cleaning, pest control,shoe cleaning etc. We all know the entire NCR has one thing in common, dust and Washingguns Services is Anti-Dust! You need not worry about your cleanliness freak mom coming home next time, just ask for our Home Cleaning Service and Ting! Mom won't find a spec of dust and you'll get all the appreciation. If you live in the same house, probably this can be the best gift you can give it to her.

Our Customer support has a wide range of services to assist customers in making cost effective and correct choice according to their requirement.It includes support for account creation, package purchasing,upgrading package,order status etc. We also offer a free pickup and drop. Our customer care support is active 24*7. You see the genies don't sleep! We have grown at an exponential scale so far and aspire to carve a niche in the field of service- providers in the near future.With the support of our customers, the dream doesn't seem far.

Release all those tensions from your shoulders, grab your phone and download our android app or directly put up your demand on our website, Washingguns.com . That pile of clothes, dust rode curtains or carpets, shabby shoes or after party house shall not scare anymore. So if you want best Cleaning services in Delhi NCR, do not wait, just download our android app and place your order in a matter of seconds. You can also book your order directly from the website of Washingguns or call on our toll-free number to place your order. In case of any query or information feel free to contact on any of the no. listed below. "KEEP YOUR CLOTHES SNAPPY AND WASHINGGUNS WILL KEEP THEM HAPPY"

You can also mail us at info@washingguns.com. Place Your Order At : 1800 833 2020. For Queries : +91-9643899375