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    Airlines/Hospitals/Hotels we have a solution for you !!!

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    Commercial laundry and drycleaning is one sector which is totally unorganized today in India. There are a number of startups/companies which cater to needs of retail customer but today there is not a single company which can provide service to these commercial giants. Due to this the big budgeted hotels and hospitals have to shell… Read more »

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    The rise of on demand services: Dryclean and Laundry

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    On demand home services has seen an upsurge in the last few years. Several startups are battling it out for their supremacy. In the horizontal market there some established players and other startups battling it out for supremacy among each other for plethora of services among which laundry, dryclean, beauty services, dieticians, yoga trainers, wedding… Read more »

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    How to save money by using Drycleaning service

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    Yes you read it right. We can actually save money by using professional drycleaning services for our expensive and delicate garments. People use laundry more often as compared to drycleaning but a professional drycleaning service can be a great investment for your lifestyle and closet that saves you money in the long run. It helps… Read more »