Tips for effectively cleaning your cars

Cleaning your vehicles is a must even if you not using it regularly. It may be a victim of environmental dirt and dust or if you are running it regularly then we all know how clean our cars will be with dirt all around and . Here, I will be giving you 7 tips to effectively clean your car.

1. Clean all the glasses and mirrors with wet cloth only.

You might have ignored this a number of times and cleaned its glasses with a dry cloth. Do not ever do that because when you clean your car with a dry cloth, the dust particles may cause scratches on it which might be clearly visible during the night hours. These scratches cause distraction as they will divert of light and hamper visibility.

2. Clean the scratches on the sides and bumper.

You might wonder if you can do that, and the answer is yes. But of course not all but you will be able to clean the paint marks which most of us ignore. These marks may come on your vehicle if you were hit by another vehicle. This will add up to the looks of your car. Keep in mind not over clean otherwise you may end up removing your own car’s paint.

3. Do not ignore bonnet and boot.

Make sure you do mot ignore bonnet and boot while cleaning your car. Dust particles can get inside the areas such as the space between wiper and the bonnet or the rear windshield and boot. Use a air blower or a vacuum cleaner whatever you have to take out the dust from that areas.

4. Wash your car.

I believe we all take a bath everyday although exceptions are always there. Don’t you think our cars also need the same. Well don’t worry it does not need to be washed everyday. You should consider washing it once every two month or if you have an extra tight schedule then at least twice a year. The will give your car a newer and cleaner look.

5. Clean your number plate.

The most common mistake we all do is to leave our number plate while cleaning the car. Well it is equally important as in India there is a fine if we are running a car with a dirty number plate.

6. Clean your Interiors.

Keep a checklist to clean all the interiors of your car. Be it your dash board, foot rest or speaker areas. You should clean your interior once every week.

7. Go for denting and painting.

Are you among those who are running vehicles with lot of dents ?

Go for denting and painting that will help you keep your car maintained. You can additionally go for paintless dent removal which will also save time.'

Written by Akshat Rastogi

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