How to save money by using Drycleaning service

Yes you read it right. We can actually save money by using professional drycleaning services for our expensive and delicate garments. People use laundry more often as compared to drycleaning but a professional drycleaning service can be a great investment for your lifestyle and closet that saves you money in the long run.

It helps your expensive garments last longer:

embroidered lehenga

embroidered lehenga


 While there are certain items like plain kurta can be handled at home but certain items like silk or embroidered sari and lehenga, Sherwani, Leather jackets can be best taken care by a professional drycleaner. Pieces that aren’t properly cleaned before being put it in closet after use can carry undetectable odors that attract insects and moths. These pests can eat certain fabrics, including wool, cashmere, silk and cotton, which will gradually ruin or damage your expensive item. Sensitive fabric may also fade in color or loose shape if subjected to cleaning in a machine or being dried in a dryer. If you use professional drycleaning service instead of handling it yourself or giving for laundry will help in improving lifetime of garments and you won’t need to replace them with a new one which will ultimately help you in a saving a lot of money.

It can remove tough stains:




 Besides helping your fabric in maintaining color and shape professional dryclaeners can also help you to remove tough stains like tea, coffee, blood, grease, oil from fabric which otherwise you might not be able to remove by traditional laundry ways. A professional drycleaning service provider might help you in removing those tough stains while keeping color and quality of fabric intact which was otherwise not possible if you would have tried it at home by using various detergents that guarantee stain removal or through some do it yourself (DIY) video tutorials on YouTube suggesting it to remove by tradional ways which can ultimately result in deterioration in quality of fabric. By either of two ways you would end up losing your favorite fabric and end up buying a new one resulting in waste of money which could otherwise have been saved.

It will help you in looking more professional:


It is said that First impressions is last impression. Being smartly dressed will help you make your mark at a job interview or client meeting—which can lead to financial gain down the road. An inexpensive way to elevate your office style is to ensure that your pieces are always freshly pressed. You don’t need to spend a lot to create a large closet: well-tailored and maintained pieces can create a professional look that will help you get ahead in the workplace. To keep your business attire looking top notch, leave your suit or dress shirt with the dry cleaners. Even if you work in a creative or casual environment, a creased shirt can make you look sloppy. Unsightly wrinkles, stains or smells on worn clothing detract from your professionalism. A trusted service will help you take care of these smaller details so you can focus on the big picture and impress your boss or client.

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