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Commercial laundry and drycleaning is one sector which is totally unorganized today in India. There are a number of startups/companies which cater to needs of retail customer but today there is not a single company which can provide service to these commercial giants. Due to this the big budgeted hotels and hospitals have to shell out approximately INR 60 lakhs- 1 crore to set up a laundry/dryclean facility at their premises. While the smaller hotel/hospitals are left with no option but to deal with road side vendors who have no accountability forget about quality.

The cost of setting up a 500 bed hospital laundry or a 100 room’s hotel is around INR 6o lakh- 1 crore. The bigger problem is to arrange professional people who can run this system maintaining required turnaround time because even if they falter for one day that means the entire system will come down, as without laundry they cannot imagine their system to run. The unit economics for getting laundry done this way is much higher that what they can get it through a professional organization. But due to absence of any reputed and professional organization, hotels & hospitals are forced to invest this extra amount of money on something which is not their specialization.

The laundry requirement of hotel & hospital are quiet contrast to each other. In case of Hospitals the soiled linen is full of sludge, blood, faeces and highly infected with bacteria and viruses. So the first and topmost priority is disinfection of laundry and makes it free from all kind of viral and bacterial infections. Another major problem in hospital laundry is removal of very hard blood and medicine stains.

While hotel laundry is not as tough as hospital laundry but still it has its own challenges. The topmost requirement in hotels is their linen should be spotless while maintaining the lifetime of linen. Another requirement of hotel industry is linen should be as white as possible with no wrinkle in bed sheets, duvet covers or pillow covers.

At Washingguns we have all state of the art machines like Washers, extractors, dryers and bed sheet roller ironing machine which has an output of 1200 bed sheets per day. Currently we have an infrastructure of processing 2000kg/day linen with which we are providing service to all flagship and townhouse hotels of OYO in Noida, 15 individual 40-50 rooms’ hotels, 10 medical labs and clinics, 5 export houses in NSEZ etc. We are planning to ramp up our infrastructure up to 10000 kg/day by the end of December and set up a dedicated commercial drycleaning plant of capacity 20000 piece/day for aviation industry giants like Air India, Indigo and Vistara.

Written by Anuj

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