Online laundry demystified

Washing cloth has been the need of mankind ever since the clothes were invented. Earlier people used to wash and iron clothes by themselves. Later on people started giving their clothes to traditional dhobis for the same process. But in both of this approach there were several problems like high turnaround time, poor quality etc.

As people say necessity is the mother of Invention. Online laundry startups came to rescue people, providing hassle free laundry experience just at the tap of a button. But a question which often comes to customers mind is: HOW DO THEY DO IT??

At Washingguns we use a 7 step approach to deliver a hassle free and smooth experience to our customers:

  • 1) Pickup and drop: Once a pickup has been scheduled by customer, the pickup agent goes to customers home, collects dirty clothes and brings it back to operations plant. The clothes are treated in the plant and once ironed and packed they are again delivered to customer.
  • 2) Tag: Once the dirty clothes arrive at our plant, they are tagged with the customer ID. In this way we can keep track of each and every cloth and it also avoids problem of missing and mixing which may happen due to human error.
  • 3) Washing: The segregation of tagged clothes is done on the basis of color and fabric. After this white clothes are washed separately and colored clothes are washed separately.
  • 4) Rinse: After washing the clothes are put into a hydro extractor rotating with a speed of 1000 RPM, which flushes out all the extra water present in the cloth.
  • 5) Dryer: After taking out clothes from hydro extractor, it is put into Dryer which is programmed to run according to type of fabric.
  • 6) Ironing: Completely dried clothes taken out from dryer are sent for steam ironing. Different temperature is set for different types of fabric which brings out the best quality.
  • 7) Packing: The ironed clothes are clustered in a group of 5-6 and are packed in waterproof plastic bags which are then taken out for delivery by pickup agents.

Written by Anuj

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