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Roti, kapda aur makaan was a bollywood blockbuster released in 1974. Even 40 yrs after its release, its relevance has not reduced. Food, clothing and shelter has been the basic necessity of mankind even since its inception, and its quiet natural that people have tried to solve problems around it and make a business out of it. Kapda or laundry is the one which has been given least importance among the three. The ecosystem for laundry has been existing ever since but it’s quiet broken and unorganized.

Earlier people used to give their dirty clothes to traditional dhobis who would wash and iron clothes and then again return to them. This involved the customer going to that dhobi for pickup and delivery of clothes. Also, there was no guarantee when their clothes would be returned as there is a huge dependency on weather. This entire ecosystem is quiet fragmented and inconvenient for the end user. And as expected a number of people emerged out of nowhere and started to solve this problem. During this funding galore period people chose the investors preferred business model i.e. UBER for X. A number of companies got their seed and tried to become an aggregator for all those traditional dhobis and laundromarts opened in big metros. But in the funding euphoria and time of heavy discounting these startups forgot one important thing i.e to provide a smooth and hassle free laundry experience to the end customer. Aggregator model is obviously asset light model and very scalable but it also reduces the extent of quality control. And that is the most important thing if you want to have repeated customers. Until and unless you don’t provide good quality to the end customer he not going to again order from you no matter how much discount you give to him.

Laundry is one such sector where inventory model is better than aggregator model. As once you have a inventory of your own like washers, dryers, extractors you can have maximum quality control. And only then you can provide best quality to the end customers with least turnaround time. And once you give that quality of highest standard to the customers he is not going anywhere. At Washingguns we are trying to do the same. We have our own inventory with which we provide laundry service to retail customers of Noida and Delhi. And it’s the only reason we are the most economic laundry service provider not only in Delhi-NCR but across India. And by having our own inventory we are also doing B2B orders successfully as it doesn’t require altogether different inventory, with few additional machines like roller press used for ironing bed sheets you can serve hotels, restaurants, salons etc. Currently Washingguns serves OYO’s hotels and various other hotels and very aggressively bidding for various other big corporate clients.

The laundry market is ever expanding and according to a recent survey its of the size around $33 billion which includes only retail customers. If you include commercial laundry for aviation industry, railways, hotels, then sky is the limit. The need of hour is to have patience and serve your customers in the best way possible and the day is not far when we can have a unicorn emerging from the most under-rated sector i.e. Laundry.


Written by Anuj

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