The rise of on demand services: Dryclean and Laundry

On demand home services has seen an upsurge in the last few years. Several startups are battling it out for their supremacy. In the horizontal market there some established players and other startups battling it out for supremacy among each other for plethora of services among which laundry, dryclean, beauty services, dieticians, yoga trainers, wedding photographers, event managers are the major ones.
In the specific vertical sector such as laundry and dryclean there are dozens of startups trying to prove their mettle. Some of the major challenges in laundry and dryclean sectors are two way logistic, shortage of skilled labor, high risk reward ratio, competition with traditional drycleaners in case of dryclean and low cost in case of traditional dhobis. But as people say bigger the risk greater is the reward. According to a couple of surveys Indian laundry industry is estimated at INR 2,20,000 crore. This huge market can be broadly fragmented into three major parts retail laundry for bachelors, working couples, students and family, commercial laundry for hotels, hospitals, airlines, railways etc. and dryclean which is a seasonal business.
At Washingguns we have customized solution for all three sectors. We have our own inventory with which we are able to provide most economic and best quality laundry to our customers. We have subscription based packages keeping in the mind the requirement of end customers. For individual and bachelors we have a 10 kg package costing ₹499+tax with a validity of 30 days. For family and working couple we provide a bigger and more economic package of 20 kg @ ₹899+tax per month. In this way customers have to just select a suitable package on basis of their requirement and they need not worry about laundry problem for entire month.
Dryclean is a seasonal business but India is a country of festivals and weddings. So people are in constant need of getting their fancy and expensive garment to get dry-cleaned. Dryclean is basically a process of removing stains and cleaning garment with the help of solvents other than water like Perchloroethylene (PERC), Tetrachloroethene and Mineral Turpentine Oil(MTO). At Washingguns we use Italian PERC machine for drycleaning which enables us to provide quick turnaround time and best quality in the industry which is something traditional drycleaner are not able to offer as they use manual process which takes a lot of time.
Commercial laundry is one segment which doesn’t not have any Professional company which has Pan India presence or which serves to all types of customers like Airlines, Railways, Hotels and hospitals. All these corporate entities have very different requirement like 12 hr turnaround time, ability to process tonnes of linen per day, quality of the highest standard possible, hygiene factor etc. We at Washingguns have decided to take on this challenge as well and have started taking leap in this segment. We are providing services to flagship hotels of OYO Rooms, several medical labs and clinic in Noida and Delhi, companies in Noida SEZ etc and various other saloons and restaurants in Delhi, Noida, Gurgaon, Faridabad, Indirapuram.

Written by Anuj

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