What constitutes 1 kg of laundry??

Ever since the advent of online laundry startups, this concept of taking dirty clothes by weighing has come into picture. Most of the people are used to giving laundry in traditional ways i.e. by counting individual clothes. They have been doing it for years with the dhobi that comes at their home.

With the changing times people started using online laundry and they faced this new concept i.e. giving laundry in Kg’s.

Rough estimation of number of clothes that can come in 1 kg is:

For Men

  • 2-3 Jeans
  • 3-4 trousers
  • 4-5 shirts
  • 5-6 T-shirts

For Women

  • 4-5 ladies garment
  • 3-4 trousers

House Hold items

  • 2-3 Bath towel
  • 4-5 Hand towel
  • 2 Single bed sheets

Written by Anuj

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