Why Waste Watch – 10 reasons to use E laundry in India

U keep working all day long and the time runs slow the minute you lie down for rest and blink,there comes a NEW DAY. Today the life style that everyone follows includes a tightly packed schedule. And with such a schedule its quite a humdrum to visit a laundry or even more tedious to wash your clothes yourself. Here comes washingguns to provide your closet with fresh and nifty clothes everyday. So, below are the top 10 reasons to use E-Laundry:
1. It’s just a click away
The fastest and the easiest way to get your laundry at your door step is just just a click away. All you have to do is register and choose a plan according your laundry weight and you are good to go.
washingguns app
2. You can be assured of the chemicals used
At washingguns, we use international brands for cleansing. All the soaps that have been used to lave are Eco-friendly and sure can be verified by you personally.
3. On-time delivery!
you don’t have to wait for days for your washed clothes to get back to your cupboard, you’ll find them there when expected.
4. Pocket friendly
Now you have to pay for the pack that you choose, customize it with the amount of your clothes and the services you require. It’s a complete pocket pal.
5. Customize your services
You can choose the services you desire and pay accordingly. For example, Choose ironing if it suits you or not if you wish to go without it.
6. Time set with your timeline
You are free to select your pickup and delivery time according to your timeline. This will not only give you the freedom from strict time schedule but also mellow down the botheration for washing clothes.
7.  Express delivery
express delivery is an exclusive feature of washingguns according to which we provide you an express delivery of lave clothes within 24 hours. This is the one feature that separates us from competitors.
8. Works by system
every peice for washing is differentiated by the tags we put on every cloth. Your unique code on this tag would differentiate your cloth and ensures no mixes.
9. Emergency pickup
If you ever need to call your pickup guy in emergency of any horrific stain ; your pickup will be done within three hours, because here at washingguns your convenience is a matter of concern.
10. commitment of quality
We are so obligated to work hard in order to provide you the best user interface online and offline as well and are polishing it everyday.
Quality service

Written by Nandika Puri

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