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    Online laundry demystified

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    Washing cloth has been the need of mankind ever since the clothes were invented. Earlier people used to wash and iron clothes by themselves. Later on people started giving their clothes to traditional dhobis for the same process. But in both of this approach there were several problems like high turnaround time, poor quality etc…. Read more »

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    Airlines/Hospitals/Hotels we have a solution for you !!!

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    Commercial laundry and drycleaning is one sector which is totally unorganized today in India. There are a number of startups/companies which cater to needs of retail customer but today there is not a single company which can provide service to these commercial giants. Due to this the big budgeted hotels and hospitals have to shell… Read more »

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    What constitutes 1 kg of laundry??

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    Ever since the advent of online laundry startups, this concept of taking dirty clothes by weighing has come into picture. Most of the people are used to giving laundry in traditional ways i.e. by counting individual clothes. They have been doing it for years with the dhobi that comes at their home. With the changing times… Read more »