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Bed Bugs Control FAQs

Washingguns new bed bug treatment ensures that all stages of bed bugs life cycle are eliminated in a single treatment.
It is not recommended to try your hand at treating bed bugs. One should seek professional help, as the trained team knows how to limit and treat bed bug infestation effectively.
Bed bugs feed on human blood.
They bite and feed on human blood and if not treated well in time, can reach an epidemic level. Thorough professional and specialist solutions are needed to get rid of them from your property.
Some physical evidence includes: Dark or black stains (bed bug excreta) on the mattress, bed head, bed frames, curtains, carpets, lounges or arm chairs. An unpleasant sickly scent. Small dark spots on the stuff mentioned above, known as ‘faecal pellets'. Live insects, despite their small size, it is possible to spot the live population of these insects and shed skins. Blood spots since these insects feed on human blood.

Customer Testimonials

We have not seen any signs or even live bed bugs since Washingguns team visited us almost a week back. Their treatment was reasonably priced and worth it. Now we can sleep without worrying about being bitten or crawled on.

Meenal Agarwal

Housewife, Dwarka Expressway

Washingguns team did a thorough job at our place and removed our bed bug problem from its root. It’s been over two months since they visited us and since then our children have not faced any rashes or itching, which means bed bugs are gone forever. They knew we have kids and thus they used very mild chemicals and most of the treatment process includes heat only. They cleared all our doubts both before and after the treatment. The price was affordable and treatment was a one-and-done solution.
Thank you team Washingguns

Vikas Thakur

Investment Banker, Delhi